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Stephen Davison

In the late 80’s the youth of Ireland had a narrow escape when Stephen Davison gave up his plans to become a school teacher. “I would have been a crap school teacher– I was only inter­ested in the steady money and the long holidays.” he says. Instead, he bought a camera.

His photo­graphy was coupled with a lifelong passion for road racing that has allowed Davison to travel the world (albeit in the steerage quarters)capturing some of the most spectacular bike racing action images.

His work is repro­duced in all of the best known motor­cycle magazines including MCN where he has been described as ‘the world’s Number One
road racing lensman.’

Davison’s images have been repro­duced in six best selling books: Joey Dunlop — King of the Roads, Beautiful Danger, Ragged Edge — Hard Roads, Robert Dunlop – The Life and Times of a Legend and The Flying Finn.

When he is not lying in a hedge somewhere he can be found covering events in Northern Ireland for his agency Pacemaker Press International.